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Founded in 1995, The Swimfast Aquatic Group was the brainchild of two time Olympian David Lim. David realized that there was a need for an aquatic center that concentrated on providing quality swimming classes made available to public.

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“I would like to take this opportunity to compliment Coach Wei of the Junior Squad at MGS for exercising creativity in training where he alternated regular swim warm up with a session of football in the MGS football field on Sat, 7 Jan.

This method of training indeed ignited creativity & definitely helped to pique the kids interest in continuing to train with SwimFast. Alternative training methods do inject variation over monotonous training. I hope this is something Swimfast can consider doing more in future to enhance its standing as a premier swimming club in Singapore.

Ever since this training session, my child loved his training sessions even more.”

Mr Andrew Wong
” We went to training yesterday at ACS Barker and the session went very well! Kids trained with Coach Meng Seng and I have to say that there was a very good connection between the kids and him. They really enjoyed the session. “
Mr Ghannam, Parent
” Dear Coach David, Thank you for everything you have done for me and the club. You have truly been an inspiration to everybody and a driving force that motivates and encourages us to put in all our effort for everything we do. ”
Rainer Ng, Swimmer