Frequently Asked Questions

Learn to Swim Programs

  • Currently, my child is learning in ACS Barker. We have 5 lessons remaining. Recently, we have moved nearer to Methodist Girl School (MGS). It is more convenient for us to attend the lessons at MGS. Can we transfer the balance lessons over?

    We do not allow change of venue and classes mid-way through the term as this will disrupt the learning of the child and hamper his/her progress.

  • Do you have trial lessons?

    No, we do not provide trial lessons.

  • Should my child miss the first lesson, can we pro-rate the fees?

    No pro-rate or make up for the lesson will be arranged.

  • Why can’t my child stick to the same coach after each term?

    Each coach has his or her strengths and specialized teaching techniques. Our emphasis is on the child’s swimming ability, not attachment to coaches.

  • Can I have my choice of instructor for swimming lessons?

    We exercise evaluation and supervision over for all instructors, thus having confidence in the teaching and professionalism of all its instructors. Therefore, we do not practice the pre-arrangement of selecting between Instructors and Students. You may register for a private class if it is necessary.

  • What does my child have to bring for swimming lessons?

    Each child is required to bring a personal pair of goggles and kickboard for every lesson.

  • What is the class size for swimming lessons (students to instructor ratio)?

    one Coach to six Students

  • What happens if it rains before my child’s swimming lesson starts?

    Parents are advised to bring their children to respective locations because classes will be held rain or shine even in drizzling condition. Only during bad weather conditions, the program executive or the pool authority reserves the right to cancel or postpone the lesson for safety reasons.