Learn to Swim

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Our Learn-to-Swim program caters to beginners who want to learn basic swimming skills and strokes. After mastering all four swimming strokes in the Learn-to-Swim Program, they can move on to learn essential water survival skills through Swimsafer classes or join the Semi-Competitive team for endurance and speed training.

Through our structured program path, we focus on proper techniques to ensure that swimmers have a good foundation, and they can eventually move on to train competitively.

Frequently Asked Questions

Programme Details

  • Minimum age is 4 years old (based on calendar month)
  • Intimate class size of 6 students to 1 coach
  • Private Pool Access (not open to public swimmers)
  • Structured and standardized syllabus
  • Assessment of child during first lesson and end of each term
  • Certificate issued upon successful completion of each stage
  • Complimentary Parking
Learn to Swim Stages

  1. Basic Foundation
  2. SwimKidz1 – Beginner
  3. SwimKidz2 – Free
  4. SwimKidz3 – Back
  5. SwimKidz4 – Breast
  6. SwimKidz5 – Fly
Swimsafer Stages

  1. Swimsafer 1
  2. Swimsafer 2
  3. Swimsafer 3
  4. Swimsafer 4 (Bronze)
  5. Swimsafer 5 (Silver)
  6. Swimsafer 6 (Gold)

Progression Chart